Thursday, February 17, 2011

Panj Shambeh (Thursday)

Run-through of White Rabbit, Red Rabbit

1) Went to a rehearsal for a play. This is prep for a tour to New York next month. It's good. Speaks from a young Iranian point of view in a very interesting way, and could easily be part of the new British wave of writing, in terms of innovation (a la Tim Crouch). I want to bring it to Toronto. Rubenfeld - you reading this?

2) Tomorrow there is another demonstration scheduled - this time by the government, to demonstrate hatred towards the opposition. Yes, that's right: "Hatred". Someone here told me that George Orwell was too naive with 1984. He should have have had the chance to visit contemporary Iran before his first draft. 

3) A play last night ran afoul of the censor, apparently (too much of a woman's ankle was showing). The director is an Iranian, who worked for months with Estonian actors to build the show. At the half hour, the censor asked for changes. The director refused, and gave a curtain speech beforehand: "If you want to ban this production, do it. But this is my work, and I will not change it." I've heard this secondhand, and am scheduled to see this show tonight - if it's on, that is. Perhaps you've heard of it: Antigone. I'm not sure if the censor's name was Creon...

4) Spent the afternoon at the Golestan Palace wandering around. A 19th Century Persian Baroque palace - beautiful rooms with mosaics made of mirrors, hand-painted tilework, and paintings of European kings and queens. The weather is like Spring today, and the wind has blown the pollution away. "It reminds me of Shiraz", says N. We eat a lunch of Dizi - a traditional dish, that requires one to wield a pestle, and drink Doogh - a yogourt, salt and mint drink. Tasty. 

Off to see more plays now...

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