Friday, February 18, 2011

Photos of People

Fast Food

A Popcorn Seller

Me (foreground) with Andrea Porcheddu (fellow juror) and his wife, Daniele 
on Imam Khomeini street

Prof. Lampros Liavis, foreground, (fellow juror) on Ferdosi Street

Children is a horse carriage near Golestan Palace

Andrea, Mashoud Raigan (fellow juror) 
 e bella Monica (from the Syracuse Festival)

Nasser el-Din Shah, or his effigy on his tomb, 
at the Golestan Palace

Ross at the Golestan Palace complex

Fellow juror Lampros inside one of the mirror rooms at Golestan

Street Performers, Golestan Palace

A crooner from one of the Italian shows at the festival, 
at the Italian Cultural Attaché's birthday party

White Rabbit Red Rabbit calls for audience participation, and a photo 
- this is the group that came up to be "white rabbits"

The wife of the Italian cultural attaché and Daniele at the birthday party

On the street, Tehran

On the street, Tehran

The Estonians taking a bow

On the street, Tehran

On the street, Tehran

Watching the Bahman 25 protest from an office in the City Theatre, Tehran

On the street, Tehran

Eating Dizi

The Greek cultural attaché in a lobby at the festival. 

Woman in a student café

The Iranian Bouffons taking a bow

Mother and Child, Isfahan

Manuel Alvarez (Colombian theatre presenter) and Iraj Honarju (Iranian guide), in Isfahan

 School Kids by the Wobbly Minarets, Isfahan

My favourite oldster, Isfahan Bazaar

Iraj explains enamelling

 Real Persian Cuisine!

In a hall of mirrors

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