Saturday, February 12, 2011

Shambeh (Saturday)

Ok. This is interesting. The internet in the hotel has been off, and will be off again, due to the opposition demonstration planned for Monday. I have a window of a few hours right now. I have been warned that all cell phones will likely also stop working. I also am able to post to my blog, but am unable to read it online - it is blocked by some sort of filter. So I will be blogging blind, if at all...

Welcome to Iran.

In other news - i'm having a terrific day, so far. I met two of my fellow jurors - Andrea (from Italy, a critic), and Lampros (from Greece, a musicologist). Andrea is here with his wife (or girlfriend), Daniele (who is finishing a PhD in Theatre at Sienna). And Nasim - our translator / guide, and a friend of Daniel Brooks - who, incidentally, is responsible for me being here. Nasim is terrific. 

Today we see museums. And then a couple of plays. It is a strange place...

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