Friday, February 11, 2011

The Trip

 St. John's Airport

1) I leave the house where I'm staying in St. John's at 10:30am for a noon flight to Toronto, and say goodbye to my wonderful gal, Neema.
2) 8 hour wait in Toronto.
3) Fly to Frankfurt. Sleep whole flight.
4) 6 hour wait in Frankfurt - where I am now.
5) flight to Tehran is almost 5 hours

So that's about 30 hours of travel. Nervous. Excited. Buoyed by a flood of well-wishers on Facebook I discover in Frankfurt. Concerned by all the news I'm reading about the sentencing of Iranian filmmakers Jafar Pahani and Mohammad Rasoulov. Intrigued by an email from an Iranian theatre-maker:

"We did not have any theater in our small town (Abyek)  till 4 years. And now we are here, young and eager to move and grow."

As are we all. Well, maybe not young... Some images of transit:

A deer and a bunny, trapped in the revolving door at the St. John's airport. Poor darlins, wha?

A bevy of Etihad flight attendants at Toronto Pearson

 Thai Jumbo, Frankfurt

Lufthansa Fins, Frankfurt

Next stop: Tehran.

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